Imperial Beard Oil - Conditioning Oil - Premium Quality Ingredients Gift

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Imperial Beard Oil - Conditioning Oil - Premium Quality Ingredients Gift

Product Description

Imperial Beard Oil is our unique mix of premium natural ingredients. A perfectly balanced blend of Argan, Almond, Avocado and Jojoba Oils will leave your beard feeling nourished and full of class We used Jojoba oil in our Imperial Beard oil due to its rich Vitamin E content and that is it is easily absorbed, non-greasy but creates a silky effect for you beard. Argan oil is now the liquid gold for all skin and hair grooming products. We have added Argan oil within Imperial Beard oil to penetrate and repair damaged hair follicles within your beard. It is also a perfect skin moisturizer which is essential for beard growing. Within Imperial beard oil we added castor oil. Castor oil contains vitamin E, minerals, proteins, antibacterial and anti-fungicidal properties. It helps condition hair (helps the hair shaft retain moisture), reduces split ends, and regular use will encourage thicker hair growth. Finally, and perhaps most beneficially for beard care we added Avocado oil, its monounsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols and high levels of antioxidants like vitamin E, are well absorbed into the skin and hair shafts of your beard. This not only has a highly moisturizing and protective effect against environmental stressors and damage, it will also stimulate new growth and help unclog blocked follicles for your beard. Easy to apply to your beard: - Work in to your clean, freshly washed beard -Start with one pump of oil applying primarily to the roots -Apply more generously as confidence grows For the best results use daily

2 Reviews

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    I'm Impressed!!

    Posted by B. L. P. on 21st Mar 2018

    64 years old and fed up with looking at the same old fizzog year after year, so decided to grow some fluff. Heard of people using a beard oil in the past, so thought I would give it a try. Didn't want to smell like a tarts armpit, so went for something unscented.
    When this item arrived, I noticed (to my dismay) that in the ingredients there is "Parfum(Fragrance)". Having used the oil, I must admit that there is a slight scent, but it quickly wears off. Wasn't looking forward to being all oily and greasy, but that doesn't happen either. Must admit after all that, I like it. This product seems to make my whiskers feel fuller (more body), silkier, and is quickly absorbed, so no oily stains on the pillow (it does say to use morning and night).
    Never having used one of these products before, I'm impressed, and would certainly recommend this item to others.

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    Subtle Fragranced Beard Oil

    Posted by inkiniki on 21st Mar 2018

    This beard oil arrived in a brown bottle and in a box as well as extra protection to prevent it from getting broken on the way here.
    It comes in a dark brown plastic bottle with a pump for easy dispensing. I used it to try out on my husbands beard and I used 3 squirts roughly the size of a 5p piece (x 3 in total). I rubbed it on his face by putting the oil in the palm of my hand and covering my hands with it then transferring it to his beard. I put 1 squirt on at a time and it eventually covered his entire beard. It is difficult to say how much to use because each mans beard is going to be different lengths and thicknesses but my husbands beard is a little longer and seemed to use more than when he had it shorter and closer cropped against his face. If your beard is not long I think one 5p piece is probably sufficient to be honest.
    It has a nice smell and it does have a smell but it is subtle. It is not very noticable but it is not fragrance free. I would describe the smell as a clean fresh smell sort of like a nice quality shower gel smell but very subtle. The oil is clear and not thick. It is a more on the watery side consistency.
    My husband said when he touched his beard later on after I applied it, he felt it was a bit greasy so I probably was a bit heavy handed :-)
    I washed my hands after using it and it washed off quickly and easily and left no smell on my hands.
    I think a PRO to this beard-oil would be the design of being able to squirt it out of the bottle so you know how much will come out in one go, also that the bottle is plastic is great. No fear of it breaking like the glass bottle beard oils available. I also think the presentation is very nice, the brown and gold is very manly looking and in general the whole look of the item and quality is very good.
    Definitely something I would recommend to buy if you are looking for a beard oil.

    This beard oil was kindly given to me by the seller in exchange for my honest review of the product. I am happy to say I found this oil very good and this is my review of the item that I have left here *****