Night Vision Driving Glasses No Glare Drivers Fishing Road

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Night Vision Driving Glasses No Glare Drivers Fishing Road

Product Description

  • Amber category one polarised lenses. ideal for driving at night and in fog, rain or haze
  • Full UV400 Anti-UVA Anti-UVB polarized protection making it perfect to wear as fishing sunglasses or for cycling.
  • Polycarbonate
  • Night sight polarised anti-glare glasses designed to be worn over prescription eyewear or on their own, ideally designed to be unisex
  • Removes headlight and reflective glare. sharpens contrast and detail, suitable in low light conditions

5 Reviews

  • 5
    One of the best products I’ve ever purchased

    Posted by Gilli on 16th Mar 2018

    I absolutely love these glasses and always leave a pair in the car. Ok.. they’re no huge fashion statement but the lenses really cut glare.. They fit so comfortably over my regular glasses which wear full time I sometimes forget I’m wearing 2 pairs !
    I struggle with oncoming headlight glare and wearing these really help. They also double very well in the car as sun glasses.
    I bought a pair for my sister who is now a big fan too !

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    Great for PC use as well.

    Posted by DK Hanne on 16th Mar 2018

    Bought two pairs; one had been requested for night driving as a part present. Glasses so reasonably priced, I decided to try a pair for PC night time use over my own glasses.
    Have not had report on night driving yet -------- BUT for PC use at night, they are BRILLIANT.
    Screen brightness and contrast turned considerably down but I still had 'tired' eyes after a long stint and sometimes trouble falling asleep when I went to bed.
    The screen obviously views with a yellow tint. For what I am doing (most of the time) that doesn't matter. The eye difference is remarkable.
    My eyesight is now pretty relaxed having worn the yellow glasses and no promlem going to sleep, either.

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    Helps with the glare of incoming headlights.

    Posted by CM Summerfield on 16th Mar 2018

    I was beginning to avoid driving in the dark because car headlights seem to be getting brighter and whiter and I was feeling uncomfortable with this. Obviously, in Winter it gets dark in the middle of the afternoon so I couldn't avoid all driving in the dark. These glasses helped to reduce the glare from the bright headlights and evened out the shadows allowing me to see better and feel more confident on the road.

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    A very good buy

    Posted by David Moyes on 16th Mar 2018

    Having to drive a lot in the dark in all weathers early morning and late nights, My eyes were getting rather tired and bloodshot due to the glare, especially in the rain, so a friend of mine suggested these very glasses, and at the price I thought why not, so I ordered a pair, they arrived well within the expected delivery day, My only Qualms was the way they were packaged, A very flimsy plastic envelope. However the are robust enough to survive the postal system and arrived in one piece. I used them that very evening and what a revelation, ok they are not some sort of miracle cure or anything like that, But they did reduce the glare quite considerably and My eyes were not so tired as they normally are and nowhere bloodshot, So that is a bonus, They fit quite well over my existing spectacles, I look a bit like Micheal Caine in them, but who cares, they work for me, though they are a tad tight across the bridge of my nose, but other than that, very comfortable to wear, so much so after a while you don't even notice them, A very good buy in my opinion

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    Posted by Juliejools on 16th Mar 2018

    Arrived in good time and whilst they don't look particularly stylish (as hubby pointed out no one can see me driving in the dark anyway)they do certainly fit over my prescription glasses and didn't fall off at all. Driving to work early in the morning at this time of year along country roads with no street lights has been getting more difficult for me. The number of drivers who forget to dip their headlights before they've half blinded me was really becoming a problem. Hubby suggested getting night driving glasses so I got these and they work! I wasn't convinced that they would but they do. Lights are still bright but the glare is reduced and I can still see where I'm going. When there's no traffic approaching I can still see perfectly there's just a slight yellow cast to everything but hey the lenses are yellow so that was no huge surprise. I'm happy to recommend these glasses if you need something to help reduce the glare of oncoming lights when you're driving and you need them to fit over your normal glasses.