Santa's Magic Key Christmas Father Christmas Eve Tradition No Chimney Handmade Childrens Christmas Eve Box Fillers

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Product Description

  • SANTA'S MAGIC KEY: Our key is just perfect to create the magic of Christmas Eve especially for households without a chimney, where this magic key can be placed under the door mat or hung on the door to guide Santa in
  • PERFECT FOR CHRISTMAS EVE: Do your children love Christmas, but worried how Santa will enter you house then this is perfect for providing magic to Christmas eve. Full Christmas Eve Pack!
  • HANDMADE WITH LOVE: Handmade from wood with a wonderful picture of a Christmas tree printed on one size with silky ribbon attaching the key to the wooden tag
  • LASER CUT WITH PRINTING: Want to keep your key year after year? Then ours is perfect, using high quality wood and cut to perfection makes our key and tag a timeless ornament and perfect to fill into your child's Christmas Eve box
  • SANTA'S MAGIC KEY DIMENSIONS: 9.5cm Length x 4.5cm Wide